Play Rebellion

BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art
Various polyethylene 2D and 3D shapes
12 October 2019 – 23 February 2020

Photograph: Sarah Bouttell, Baltic

Play Rebellion is an interactive exhibition where audiences are invited to become active participants and get physical with the artwork, to reconnect with our inner creative geniuses* and generate new possibilities.

For too long our creativity has been drained out of us by an outdated education system that no longer prepares us for contemporary life. If human kind is to survive and thrive in this work of rapid change and technological advancement, we need to take back control of our creative lives, to reawaken our inner child and have some fun!

Play Rebellion invites people of all ages, not just children, to come together through play. Take some time out to reconfigure the world, to make spaces to play, to reflect, to challenge, to relax and to talk.

Play Rebellion presents PlayShapes: sixteen 1m cubes which break down into steps, triangles, polygons, rectangular prisms and cylinders. These can be refigured into limitless combinations to create sculptures, playscapes, games or chill our spaces.

A programme of FREE events – called Playing Up – accompanies this exhibition. Click here to find out more.

You can watch a short film about Play Rebellion on Baltic Bites or read more about the exhibition on the blog or go to

* A term conceived by Dr George Land in his TEDxTuscon talk ‘The Failure of Success’, February 2011.

PlayShapes was originally commissioned by Chalk and BALTIC as part of the MAPS Festival 2019 programme and supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Photograph: Rob Harris
Photograph: Rob Harris
Photograph: Rob Harris