A short story

Posted 2 years ago

I’m so proud to present A Collection Of Storms, a short story by Dean Foster as part of Revealed Roots, Concealed Connections at Clifton Park Museum. It’s the first time Dean has ever shared any of his writing publicly and it’s just brilliant.

Please take a moment to listen to it – it’s only 8 minutes long and is narrated by Visitor Services Assistant Martin Hinsley who turns out to have the best radio voice ever! It also includes a short interview with Dean.

The exhibition is now in its last week and closes on Sunday 8 February 2022. Catch it while you can!

You can read more about Revealed Roots, Concealed Connections on the main project page or about the process on the blog.

The main image is ‘Bay of Biscay’ by John Redmore (1820-1887) which is included in Dean’s installation at the museum.

Me with author Dean Foster (centre) and narrator Martin Hinsley (right)
The gift that inspired Dean’s installation and short story
Dean’s installation at Clifton Park Museum, Rotherham
Earthenware mug with frog, date unknown, Rotherham Collection
Ship in a bottle, date unknown, Rotherham Collection (not currently on display)