Cultural Literacy and Public Art in a Global Pandemic

Posted 4 years ago

Blimey, what’s happening to the world?!  Covid-19 is running rife and I’m holed up at home with a sick husband and obstinate children who are strongly resisting any attempts at home schooling. However, I’ve managed to steal myself away for 5 minutes to gather together some thoughts for a blog on Cultural Literacy Everywhere (CLE).

CLE is an academic platform of international scholars who read and analyse social and cultural phenomena in order to understand our relationship with the material world. They have taken the brave step of branching out beyond the walls of universities and the study of manuscripts and printed books to consider a whole range of cultural objects and engage a wider network of artists educators, and policy-makers. Hurray!

I was invited by Robert Crawshaw, a Senior Research Associate attached to Lancaster University, whom I met through Skip Play Repeat. Robert was involved in evaluating the project for Mirador Arts and it was through our conversations that we experienced a meeting of minds.

My blog is a reflection on creative practice and public art during these unprecedented times.