Speaking Of Arts podcast

Posted 1 year ago

I was very flattered to be invited by the formidable Diamond and Geetha to talk on their podcast series Speaking Of Arts last month. These passionate arts educators believe the arts have a crucial role to play in the education of children worldwide and want to open up a dialogue about how things can be done differently.

Obviously we had LOTS to talk about! In this episode ‘Free Flow Education: Child Centered Learning’ we discuss freedom to play, creativity in children, play spaces and the education system.

Many, many thanks to Geetha and Diamond for their warmth and generosity of spirit. May these women rule the world!

You can find the episode on Spotify: at https://open.spotify.com/episode/3PxqIaBvrXncWy61MXS3RK?si=DtFbLJHRSn-J7_hy0MGlcg&context=spotify%3Ashow%3A45YWoyV16ySKqJP062l4Yk&nd=1